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Welcome to the United Bricks Toy Shop Website!!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Welcome to our new website! United Bricks Toy Shop is your go to place for all your LEGO needs. Our shop was opened in October 2018 and is located in the Scottish Town of Castle Douglas. We stock a wide variety of different LEGO products as well as offering our own custom printed gifts.


In our shop we stock a wide variety of different LEGO products, from LEGO City to Harry Potter, we have many different sets to choose from. Whether you want a challenging big set to keep you occupied or maybe just a small set to get you started. We have something ideal for everyone of all ages and skill level, so there is no excuse to not get building. We are sure that no matter the occasion, whether it's a gift or just a treat for yourself, you won't be disappointed with our selection. If you're unsure what is the right set for you, our team will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the perfect one!!


Every LEGO set deserves a good home and that is why, as well as stocking brand new products, we also offer the opportunity to purchase used sets. So if you have always wanted a particular set but it is now hard to find or discontinued, you can check out our wide selection of used sets and you may even find the one you've been looking for all this time! All our used sets are well cleaned and checked before they are put on display, and we will always aim to provide our used sets with all their parts and building instructions, so you always know how to put it together with ease.


As well as LEGO products we also stock our very own custom printed products that are exclusive to our shop. Many of which are centred around Scottish history, including our most recent custom printed minifigures. These include the WW1 Scottish Soldier, Scottish Royal Guard, and Robert Burns Minifigure. Along with being exclusive to our shop, these figures are also sometimes printed in limited quantities so it is best to get them sooner rather than later as they make for a perfect addition to anyone's minifigure Collection. We also offer the opportunity for our customers to get their own Scotsman Minifigure, so you can even make yourself and your loved ones into Scotsmen (Or Scotswomen!) complete with fabric kilts. Another brick-tastic exclusive to our shop is our custom printed keyrings that make for the perfect souvenirs. With so many great designs you may have a hard time picking just one.

As well as our Scottish themed products, our shop also stocks some of our custom printed Military themed Minifigures. These are available on the United Bricks website. However, if you are ever in the area for a visit you can always get some additions for your army at our Castle Douglas shop as well.

OFFICIAL STOCKIST OF: Games Workshop® and Warlord Games

As well as stocking LEGO Products we also have a wide selection of Hobby Products from Games Workshop and Warlord Games. These Model Kits make for a perfect gift or treat for yourself, so whether you are interested in building your own fantasy army to go up against your friends in battle or even recreating an iconic war scene from History we are sure you will find the perfect model set that works for you, so why not head to our shop and check out what models we have available!!

If you are buying a gift for a loved one and you can't decide which set you think they would love. Then we also have gift cards available in a range of values so they can visit us and pick out their dream set.

To stay updated on the latest products in our shop, including what used sets we currently have in stock, or even when our next one-off custom prints will be available, and all things United Bricks Toy Shop related, you can stay up to date on this website or follow us on our social medias.

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1 Comment

John Howey
John Howey
Nov 22, 2023

Visited shop in the summer,can only praise the whole family.They were very helpful and generous with there time with my grandson.we were on holiday from co.durham and my grandson looks forward to returning what more can I say thank you and see you next year

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