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Toy Shop Exclusive Minifigures

In our Toy Shop we have a wide variety of brick-tastic LEGO sets and products available, but

as well as LEGO products, we also stock our very own custom printed products that are exclusive to our shop. Many of these are centred around Scottish history, these include the WW1 Scottish Soldier, Scottish Royal Guard, and Robert Burns Minifigure. So let us introduce you to our Minifigures.


Robert the Bruce is one of the most well known figures in Scottish History. It has been said that after having lost a battle to England, Robert was forced to flee Scotland and during his exile he took shelter in a cave where he encountered a spider. Legend says that the spider had been trying to spin a web but kept failing, but even after failure, the spider did not give up and continued to try and spin a web. Robert was inspired by the way the spider never gave up and so he vowed that he would return to Scotland and try again with his battle against England. In 1314, in the Battle of Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce, along with his Army, defeated King Edward II's Army.


Robert Burns, also referred to as the National Poet of Scotland, was a poet and lyricist born in the Village of Alloway in Ayrshire on the 25th January 1759. In 1788 Burns moved to Dumfries and Galloway to run Ellisland Farm before he eventually moved further into the town of Dumfries. Burns lived the remainder of his life in Dumfries along with his wife Jean Armour and his children until his death at the age of 37 in 1796. Throughout his life, Burns wrote poems and songs that are now known around the world, one song that is particularly popular around the world is his song 'Auld Lang Syne' which is often sung on Hogmanay. Other works that Burns was known for include 'Tam O'Shanter', 'To a Mouse' and 'Address To A Haggis' which was written by Burns to celebrate Scotland's National dish and now the poem is said throughout Scotland on the 25th January to commemorate the Poet himself on Burns' Night.


When looking back on Scottish History, one thing that seems to re-occur is the Scots bravery when it comes to fighting, such as when the Caledonians fought the Romans in 208–211 CE and the Historic Rivalry of Scotland and England. So in 1914 it would come as no surprise that among the thousands of the Allied Power Soldier, there were a fair few Scottish Soldiers.

During WW1 many of the Scottish Regiments wore Kilts, this was particularly because in Scotland a Kilt is a symbol of your Clan and by wearing your family Kilt, you were bringing honour to both you and the generations before you. Although the Kilt would seem an impractical item of clothing, especially during a war, it proved to be rather helpful when soldiers found themselves fighting in the trenches. This is because Kilts were very popular in the Highlands of Scotland as they allowed the wearer to move around more freely which helped when trying to wade through muddy terrain. The thick wool also meant that the wearer was kept warm and relatively dry which was vital when it came to the harsh rainy weather often associated with Scotland.


The Scottish Royal Guard are almost the equivalent to the Queen's Guards who guard Buckingham Palace, but instead of the iconic Red Uniform with Bearskin hat the Scots instead go for the Scottish Tradition of a Kilt in 'Black Watch' Tartan. While the Queen's Guards can be found outside Buckingham Palace the Scottish Royal Guards are found outside Edinburgh Castle and Balmoral Castle, which is where the Queen frequently stays while visiting in Scotland.


As well as our Scottish Minifigures from throughout History, our shop in Castle Douglas offer you the unique opportunity to make yourself and/or a loved one into a Scottish Minifigure!! You can chose from our selection of head and hair pieces to make sure it looks just right as well as choosing from our selection of Custom Made Kilt fabric pieces, which show a variety of colourful and interesting tartans. These unique Minifigures make for the perfect souvenir to remember your time here, or maybe a special gift for someone who loves Scotland.

All of our Scottish Minifigures are exclusive to our Shop in Castle Douglas so to make sure that you don't miss out be sure to check out our Social Media, where we will keep you informed on when we restock these brick-tastic Minifigures and let you know if any new designs will be joining the United Bricks Clan!

As well as stocking our Scottish Custom Printed Minfigigures, our shop also has some Minifigures from the United Bricks website. So if you are in the area, why not head to our shop and expand your Minifigure collection.

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May 28, 2022

Out of interest do you still stock these figures in your shop?


Jeremiah Atchison
Jeremiah Atchison
Jun 03, 2021

😀 i am so happy


Jeremiah Atchison
Jeremiah Atchison
Jun 03, 2021

i am so happy for you guys i just got the nco soviet guy from your website even thought it took a wile but i am happy and i will get more guys from your website

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