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Our Shop is Reopening!!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Due to lock down restrictions for the past few weeks, our shop was temporarily closed, but we are excited to announce that this is about to change! On the 29th June 2020 at 10am we will be opening our doors once again. From then our shop will be open at the following times:

Mon-Fri - 11am - 3pm

Sat - 10am - 3pm

Closed on Wednesday and Sunday

Our opening may change, so please check our social media prior to visiting for the most up to date opening times.

During our closure we took the time to ensure our shelves would be stocked with the latest additions, such as; new sets, used sets, and even our custom printed products. We know that you will be just as excited as we are about our shop reopening which is why we need to make sure that both you and our team are safe, and allow everyone to fulfil their LEGO needs. To do so we will be providing hand sanitiser at the entrance to our shop, as well as implementing a limit of one person, or one person and a child from the same household, in our shop at any one time. But don't worry, we are sure that everyone will be able to get the items they wish to purchase. We will be cleaning the shop more frequently as well as having a protective screen up at our till counter, but our team will still be happy to assist you in anyway they can to ensure you find what you are looking for.

So what will be available on the 29th June? Well, we have stocked up on the latest LEGO sets, so whether you are looking for a small or a large set, something to treat yourself with, or looking for a gift to send to a loved one, we have a wide variety for you to choose from.

But maybe you are looking for an old or discontinued set? We have over 50 different used sets in stock from throughout the years. All are in good condition and are 100% complete, carefully reassembled by our master builders.

Almost all our used sets come with instructions and some even come with original boxes. We have a wide selection to choose from and many are very hard to find, especially in complete condition! Our used sets are waiting for a new home so why not come and check out our full range on the 29th June.

As well as official LEGO sets, we have also made sure to stock up on our new LEGO Accessory Packs. These packs are made randomly and feature official LEGO parts, including animals, flags, bicycles, and food. We've also created City minifigure packs perfect for expanding your LEGO City population.

So whether you want to add a unicorn to a street scene, or have a minifigure cycle through a forest, these packs will allow your imagination to truly run wild!

Our Custom Printed Products have also been restocked anticipating our shop reopening, you will be happy to hear that our Scottish themed Minifigures, including the WW1 Scottish Soldier, Scottish Royal Guard, and Robert Burns Minifigure, are still available to purchase. So whether it's a treat for yourself or a gift you want to send to a loved one why not come check them out! Along with being exclusive to our shop, these figures are also sometimes printed in limited quantities so it's best to get them sooner rather than later as they make for a perfect addition to any and all minifigure Collections. We also offer the opportunity for our customers to get their own Scots Minifigures, so you can even make yourself and your loved ones into Scotsmen (Or Scotswomen!) complete with fabric kilts. As well as our Scottish themed products being available, our shop has also stocked up on some of our custom printed Military themed Minifigures. These are available on the United Bricks website. However, if you are close to the area and want to come in for a visit you can always get some additions for your army!!

If you are buying a gift for a loved one and you can't decide which set you think they would love, then we also have gift cards available in a range of values so they can visit us at a more convenient time for them and pick out their dream set.

To stay updated on the latest products, or any changes to our shop, including what used sets we currently have in stock, or even when our next one-off custom prints will be available, and all things United Bricks Toy Shop related, you can stay up to date on this website or follow us on our social medias.

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